The video of their incredible rescue went around the world. Ellen talked to the amazing heroes of one very lucky dog that fell through the ice.


John Vause
197 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I know you love pets and I couldn't resist sending you this information.
On Dec. 7th we had to put our cat down after 15 1/2 years. Then on Dec. 24th our Golden Retriever passed away. They were only a week apart in age and we got them just a week apart back in July of 1998. We were out of town at the time and our son had to take care of our Golden.
When we got back in town, one of our friends 11 year old daughter, who used to have 2 Golden Retrievers when she was growing up, wrote this beautiful card for us.....


Dear Rebecca & John,
"I am so sorry you lost Cosmo and Morgan. They were both wonderful pets. They were both so friendly & I loved them both so much. God said, I need someone strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody with a resting head & supportive eyes to lift the spirits, so God made a dog. Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them & filling an emptiness we didn’t even know was inside us. Why are animals just so wonderful? Well, unlike humans, animals don’t judge others, don’t hate, don’t discriminate, don’t care about money & don’t hold grudges. But, animals do know how to love unconditionally and that’s all animals want in return. A fur-ever friend.
PS: Animals come into our lives to teach us about Love & they depart to teach us about loss. A new animal never replaces an old animal, it expands the heart. If you have loved many animals, your heart is very big. We humans do such ridiculous things in front of our animals yet they still love us so much. Morgan and Cosmo are now in a better place and still always right next to you helping you with the hard decisions of life."
Kathryn H.
I have pictures of the card and our pets that I can send you or you if I had an e-mail address.
John Vause
PS I am not the reporter from CNN

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