H&R Block is a great place to get your taxes done this season. Unless, of course, Ellen is in their ear! The hidden camera prank Ellen loves is back!


Donna Doerler
164 days ago

I want to see it

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Natalie Loving
168 days ago

I want to see the hidden prank

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Karen S Hughes
170 days ago

I laughed until my sides hurt. Richard was so funny in this skit.

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G.G. Rasmussen
171 days ago

Hey Ellen,

I am a tax office manager for H&R Block in Charlotte, NC who works everyday with Richard in our front office. This morning we had numerous people who came in talking about Richard and "Get Your Billion Back America". We told all of them about the hilarious skit you had on your show with Richard.

I have been a fan since the first time I saw you on television when you were a contestant on that show that used to be on TV. (Can't remember the name of the show. It's called a senior moment.) I moved here to Charlotte from Slidell in 1998.

Every afternoon we watch you as a family event. The age range is 4 weeks to 66 years. Thank you for making our day a little more enjoyable.


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172 days ago

OMG I haven't stopped laughing. I work as a night manager in a domestic violence shelter and laughs are few. Since I just saw this, I can't stop laughing, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. THANK YOU!!!!!

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172 days ago


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