They surprised Ellen with a plaque revealing that they've named their new library in her honor, but Ellen had a surprise back for this amazing school. Check it out!


Loretta Jackson
168 days ago

Hi Ellen, this is the second correspondence regarding my Niece Sharon Hopkins who is a teacher at the University Prep High School in Detroit, MI. She was contacted today by, in her words; "Just got off the phone with a CBS News producer in New York who will be coming to the "D" to do a story on UPREP Debate! Blessings raining down."

This is the reason for this letter today. These kids are on fire around the debate circles in the school system. I included the Sharon's Facebook address so you can view her students exceptional talents.

They have broken records as the first African American Students from the Detroit area to not only place at competitions but to also win top honors at several Tournaments.

She tirelessly takes the students from tournament to Tournament never complaining about the cost or time it takes to support them. Recently her Transmission went out on her car but she didn't complain. She was renting cars to transport them because she didn't want them to be stranded. To Continue the story; they were on the News in January in their effort to raise the last $2000.00 for the team to make it for the Finals in California.
She is a great teacher and deserves some appreciation for the support she provides for our leaders of tomorrow. In my first letter, I requested your assistance in providing a new SUV to replace the one she now owns. She would NEVER ask for herself so I will do it for her. As I said in the first letter, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE surprise her with a brand new SUV. You may contact me at my email address. Again, thank you in advance.

Loretta Jackson

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Elizabeth Morales
169 days ago

Hi Ellen, My Name is Elizabeth Morales. I am 20 Years Old. I Am about to Graduate College this Friday on February 07, 2013. I am a Unemployed Medical Assistant. I Live with My 2 Brothers In a 2 Bedroom Appt. I am from a Family that is very Close and we are Always there for eachother no matter what it is our Motto is "Blood is Thicker than Water", That is what we Always say. We all Together have been through A LOT.My Parents that have been Married for Almost Years 30 Years are getting Devorced, Which is Pretty Mind Blowing, Because we used to Volunteer at Our Local Church all as a Family all through the Week for about 10 Years.We Lost our House that we used to Luve in, In Palmdale Ca we lived in that House since I was about 1Month old, so Basically My Whole Lifeabout 18 Years. My Parents are Recently Seperated, My Dad lives in SanFernando Ca, My Mother Lives in Littlerock Ca with My 13 year old sister which I Dislike because that is No Place for a Single Mother and a Teenager to live. It is a very Small Town in the Middle of the Desert where I guess you can say your BestFriends are Coyotes. I Wish I can Help My Mother out but I'm Currently unemployed and can't even Help Myself out yet. I Live about 30 Miles Away from My Sister and Mom but I do Try to Visit them as Much I can but the only thing that is Holding Me back is that I am a Struggling College Student so of course I do not have Money for Gas. But My BoyFriend does Help Me out a lot when I wanna visit. I am Currently Visiting My Mom and Sister and My Nose is very Cold, I wish I had a Personal Heater aiming to My Nose but My Mom cannot afford to Pay any Bills so she trys not to use much Energy. She is a Part Time NoonDuty at a Elementry School in Palmdale Ca. She works only 20 Hours a week. So when she does get paid its not much for a Single Parent.She and My Sister live in a 1 bedroom back House. Well I Dont know if I should even call it a 1 Bedroom House because it is actually a Laundryroom, and My Sister Gabrielle is the one who Sleeps in Here. My Mom Sleeps on the Livingroom floor. The Laundryroom is where my sister sleeps on a 10 Year old Bed that used to be Mine. But that's all My Mom can Afforf at this time. She has been Living here for about 1 year now. It Is Currently 4:06 Am and I cannot Sleep so I Decided to Write to who else but Ellen. If My Sister knew she would totally Freak out but she has towake up for School at 7am so ill keep this to Myself for now. She and My Mom Watch you everday at 4 they Never Miss it. Only when My Sister has Therapy every Wednesday at 4. Ohh Yeah My Sister has Therapy because the School sent Social workers to MyMy Moms House. They say that she is Stressed out and Depressed because of the Devorce and I really do Believe it. She went to a Acting Audition and she would have had the Part but My Mom had to turn it down because she didnot have the Money for the Cover Photos or thwe Acting and Modeling Classes. But all I can Remember is the Excitement on My Sisters Face when she told Me that they said that he os good enough to be an Actress, but I knew that wwasnt gonna happen because it is too Expensive now a days to be what you want to be. The Only thing that Makes her feel Better amd Smile is of Course your Show, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. Ohh yes she is a Directioner and a Belieber, and so am I and My Mom, but My Sister is ofcourse the one who Cries when you Talk about Justin being in Jail and she starts getting all Mad and Hurt. Its kind of funny to see cause she acts like if she really knows him. Her Room is Full of Pic s cut out of Magazines of 1D and Justin Bieber. I wish I could take her to see them but it is Difficult being Unemployed. Ive tried Plenty of Times to Win 1D Concert Tikets on KissFm but its Hars, I Dont know how People have the Luck to Win all these types of Prizes. But ive never told My sister that i try qinning the tickets because i dont wanna get her excided and make her think that she will finally gwt to meet them, well i Hope one Day i can take Her. I had Plans being straight out of College being a Nurse getting My Checks every Month and finally getting My own Appt and getting My Sister and Mom to live with Me, because they Deserve to Live in a Good Place with more than a Laundry room and Living room to sleep in with a Heater that they wont have to worry about having the Bill to Pay at the End of the Month. Having a Car that My Mom wont have to Worry about her Car Heating up on her Way Home from Work. But im not gonna Stop having Faith i know things Happen for a Reason and God only gives us as Much as we can Handle and i kno their is a Rainbow at the ens of theis Storm that we are going through. But one of these Days I will be able to see them with a Real Smile on. One Day I won't see them in Much Pain. One Day I will Make a Difference in her Life and then she will really know that her Big Sister was Always here for Her. I am only 20 and a College Student but I know I will be able to Make My Dreams come True, and My Dream is not to have $1, 000, 000 or to have the Car of the Year. But to see My Mom and Sister with Everything they Need, and they won't have to worry about it. I just wanna see them Happy.

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