Jeannie was live in the -6° weather to surprise one very adorable family!


Dawn Holmes-Boone
187 days ago

Thank you so much for coming to our wonderful Vermont!!! You are the craziest... xo

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louisa quenneville
188 days ago

So happy and excited for this family, love it. Hi Ellen from Louisa in orange Vermont

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189 days ago

Ellen you never cease to amaze me! I never thought you would be sending Jeannie to Vermont with your amazing gifts! I always see shows where it seems every other state is visited, but VT. When I seen that it was actually happening I was so happy for the family!

Everyone goes through tough times in life, but you bring a ray of sunshine to people everyday in one instant that lasts a lifetime.

We love your jokes, your dancing, your smile and especially your warm heart. Although, there has to be some times things can get over whelming for you, or something heart breaking in your life, or just a bad hair day, after all you are human! Yet you still come on with a smile and make all of US feel good! I wish there was a way, we as fans, could do something great for you!

People have loved you even before your 'give aways' and all the things you do for communities and charities and the like. It's that fun loving heart of yours! If more people were like you we would have a peaceful and happy world.

With all that being said, the last thing I can say is, although I have no idea who the family was, I thank you Ellen for coming to a family in VT!!

A Huge Fan of Ellen,

~Tammy Jarvis~

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189 days ago

"Awesome" is the best word to describe Ellen! She truly is a beautiful human being!

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189 days ago

So glad you helped someone from my state Vermont whoo hoo
you rock! Come visit, and someday you can rescue a bunch of us in the winter and bring us to the west coast to see your show. We know how to dance too! I personally would love a break from the flip pin cold!
Hugs, Susan

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Amoura " Melia" Mills
189 days ago

As always Ellen ,watching you warms my are Inspiration to me achieve and be a better person ...thanks for showing your love and letting your inner beauty be an example...

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