He's not the first person to find a $20 bill, but what Myles did with it will warm your heart.


127 days ago

Ellen, who are you!! what made you to do this amazing show. I am really interested to know the fact that turn you to do a show like this. From your r smile to words are simply superb!!

Your r a divine heart!!

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Hana Maae
133 days ago

Hello Ellen...
I have a letter that I wanted to send to you but I don't know how to send iit to you.So can I please have an email for me to send it to you please? Thank you & God Bless!:)

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Tom Hoisington
133 days ago

This was awesome to see. I am a current employee of America Airlines. I played Santa for the "Snowball Express" in Sacramento. And I think that is so wonderful to see a child acting more grown up than some adults that I know.

I have served in the Army and in the Coast Guard. I am now a current member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

God Bless you Miles and Thank you for supporting the troops.

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The Browns
133 days ago

Let's see if I can get beyond the tears to express my Gratitude to you for your "paying it forward" to the Snowball Express". My Husband and I are one of so so many Loving volunteers that look forward to this event every year. You have no idea what it means to receive help like this. God Bless Precious Miles, Colonel Frank Daily and you Ellen! I hope one day you will be able to see the thousands of smiles that you helped have some happiness. Every year this is my Husband and my Christmas to each other. And there is no better! Thank you!

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