Three-year-old DUSTIN MANGARONI is back! His adorable YouTube video went viral when he was sad about not being able to sing Nicki Minaj, but things turned around for Dustin when he sang on Ellen's show! He's here to tell her how his life has changed since he was last here.

Then, he's one of the biggest movie stars of our time! He's won two Academy Awards and two Golden Globes for portraying some of the most memorable characters in film history. If you haven't yet guessed… it's DENZEL WASHINGTON! His new film, "Flight," might be one of his most dramatic and captivating roles. He's here to catch up with Ellen and tell her all about it!

For 9 incredible seasons, she's answered our calls and won our hearts on "The Office." Today, JENNA FISCHER tells Ellen about the show's final farewell, and what it's like walking away from the series she's called home for a decade.

Plus, Ellen is LIVE at the Country Music Awards! Don't miss all of the celebrity action on the red carpet with Ellen's correspondent -- country star LUKE BRYAN!