Ellen surprised this viewer when her tour cart drove right on the show and she met her hero, Justin Timberlake! Ellen had even more surprises up her sleeve, thanks to her friends at Swisse.


Kim Sparks
303 days ago

Ellen good show today, I have an answer if you get anymore of those snakes, such as copperhead. We have a toad that has been living years under the house and after my brother got rid of the big copperhead, the toad at the baby copperhead, I was so thankful, it to saved our life. How we know for sure the tail was hanging out of the toads mouth, bless his heart! My physician said baby copperheads were as dangerous as big copperheads! Kimberly

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Marrisa Lawrence
304 days ago

Ellen is helpful in so many ways. I'm proud of you ellen. wish to be there in your show to meet you someday.

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