They were so much fun when Ellen met them via satellite at their home, she had to bring them to the show! What she had for them, well, you just have to see.


42 days ago

I feel so much blessed to live in a world with people like you Ellen. You are such an inspiration to millions of people around the world. Thank you so much for being who you are.keep up the good job!!!

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Katie Blake
43 days ago

I live in Malta and watch every little bit of what i can find on youtube and this site. Ellen, you are an inspiration to ALL who have the pleasure in being able to watch your show.

you have a special gift in giving and i'm sure you do A LOT more giving behind the scenes :)

well done and keep the shows going, i will one day in the next year or two visit the San Francisco area where i hope to manage a seat at any one of your shows (that's on my bucket list)

keep smiling and yes we are all being kind :)


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