Hearts are still glowing and halls are being decked on Day 9 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways! Ellen is showing Santa how it's done this year. Keep celebrating the season with her bounty of gifts, happy carolers and good friend Slothy the Snowman!

CHRIS O'DONNELL is here! Batman's former sidekick has carried his acting skills, good looks and air of courage from the "Scent of a Woman" to "The Three Musketeers," to his role as Robin in "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin." Currently starring in "NCIS: Los Angeles," Chris' character uses his charm and all-American sensibilities to dissect the minds of bad guys, solve crimes, and play little games along the way with his partner played by LL Cool J. He's here to tell Ellen all about the good detective work!

With spunk, mystique, and a touch of chaos, ICONA POP carries the bass! The Swedish pop duo will not only perform a hit from their latest album, "This Is … Icona Pop," they will also serve as Ellen's guest DJs. Somewhere between electronic haze and bubble gum majesty, Icona Pop got the world on its feet with their debut single, "Manners." They followed it with tracks like "We Got the World" and the ubiquitous jam, "I Love It." Now, everyone from Robin Thicke to the Cookie Monster is covering their songs. It's their cool, versatile confidence that will put them on tour next year with Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, and brings them front and center on Ellen's stage for the first time!

As the NFL playoffs approach, football legend TERRY BRADSHAW offers Ellen insight on the league's current standings! There's nobody better to predict potential Super Bowl contenders than the first quarterback to win four national championships, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, broadcast analyst, and creator of the new stage production, "Terry Bradshaw: America's Favorite Dumb Blonde... A Life in Four Quarters." He's got all the experience necessary, and he's going to give it to Ellen straight!

Offering even more advice, kid inventor and YouTube superstar PEYTON ROBERTSON returns to Ellen to test the latest toys! For the last-minute holiday shoppers, the young scientist and Ellen will get to the bottom of the year's most exciting and eclectic games, and as always, Peyton has an opinion on what's worthy of the holiday hoopla!

This Tuesday, Ellen investigates with the experts!