When Ellen heard their story, she knew she had to meet them. Stephanie and Brian Dimetres were in our audience, but they had no idea what was about to happen next.


Cindy Hoedebecke
305 days ago

My heart and prayers go out to them, I wish them the best,live one day at a time. My husband was diagnosed with MDS on 9/25/2011 when our life changed he needed a stem cell transplant to keep him a live they only gave him 12 to 18 mo. to live. He got the transplant in 0ct.9.2012. But other complications came up DR.S were puzzled and had never had a case like his. He was my bestfriend,soul mate for life together for 30 years.I lost him April 21, 2013, I am lost with out him, now I have a lot going on have to move, financial problems and I also have health problems that prevent me for working. But the S.S. doesn't see it. They stopped his S.S. in may and now don't know what I am going to do. I love and miss him so much and never left his side in and out of the hospitals. I not complaining I would do it again. Just don't know where to turn or go, they want me out by 12/1/13 I have to much going on for one person to handle, the Dr. has me on Blood pressure med's now and have high B/P. I Love you show it puts a smile on my face watching you, your a very kind and funny and up lifting person. Thank you for listening to my story, I know there'e more but I know your a busy person. Just wanted to thank you for being you... Thank you Cindy

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