After her impassioned speech at the HRC, Ellen Page was here to tell our host about her experience of coming out publicly as a lesbian.


Jeff Wagner
86 days ago

That's weird, I already thought she had been known to be a ladies lady, but maybe I got her confused with that other actor on Two & a half gay Men now, anyway I think too much emphasis is put on actors and celebrities, its easier for them as they live in the spotlight already, most common people probably have too much stigma in their families and friends to feel like its ok to be themselves around those who they don't want to lose and or offend that would complicate their lives so much they couldn't deal with it, I know this from speaking with friends over the years who would have liked to but didn't or won't.

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Angela Bailey
87 days ago

What a beautiful moment, to see someone being able to come out at the beginning of her career alongside someone who was brave enough to come out at the mid-point of hers. Living proof of why what Ellen did in 1997 was so important.

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