He's the wackiest, zaniest, funniest guy in Hollywood! There's no telling what kind of trouble JACK BLACK will get into when he's here today. The delightfully unpredictable comedian is here to tell Ellen about his new movie, "Bernie," and what it was like to star opposite Shirley MacLaine!

Then, she's the star of the long-running hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," now COBIE SMULDERS is hitting the big screen in "The Avengers"! She's here for the first time! Don't miss her story of how she met Ellen!

Plus, a 14-year-old boy with an amazing talent! JAKE FOUSHEE wants to break into the voiceover business, and he has the incredible talent to do it! You won't believe the voice that comes out of this kid's mouth.

And don't miss Thursday for the triumphant return of the dynamic duo, SOPHIA GRACE & ROSIE!