This couple's proposal video made a huge splash on YouTube, and they were here to tell Ellen all about it! Watch their sweet interview here.


antreas achilleos
306 days ago

that is true love !!

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309 days ago

OMG! MADE ME CRY! This was wonderful and shows what love is all about. I wish them a life time of happens. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH. ELLEN is such a loving and caring person! ELLEN YOU ROCK!

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313 days ago

I think this was absolutely beautiful! I don't care if you are man & woman, man & man, woman & woman... Love is love and this was one of the best proposals I have ever seen! What an inspiration to everyone! (now someone please tell my boyfriend how to do something so romantic)

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Nyles Alder
314 days ago

BALLING! So happy and proud of you guys.

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