The Kitchen Cousins and Ellen teamed up to rebuild this home that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Watch the owners get to see it for the first time!


wayne  tadlock & todd   shull
243 days ago

ellen we watch your show with kitchen name is wayne my parter name is todd. we purchase our home in 2012 around dec. 6th. its all most been a year. on nov, the 8th of this year we had some one to come out about a new heatpump. when he came out we where told that ,he could not , do the work, i wayne ask why? he said your house want pass inspection, then i ask wants wrong ? he said your wireing is bad. the way the wires and your old fused box will not pass inspection.and you cant get a permint because you need a up grade, what is a up grade, we found out it cost us 1,500.00 to fix this problem. make this story as short as i can , . come to find out the seller told the electrical co, to put the old electrical box back on the house. the electrical co told the seller at that time , it needs a up grade, . any way this seller sold this house to us , then we where told we could have lost our lifes . this is what another power co wrote. electrical work is substandard and dangerous. has not passed inspection. unsafe! power co will not counnet this svc. he sing this . now getting back to this other electric co. he said that his grand parents and the sellers grandparents where frinds. this electric co all so said ,that they only do wiering for busbusines, we dont do homes, it goes on , miss ellen degeneres we need your help , we all so have a 649.00 power bill to pay , because of bad wiering. our home needs a make over ellen we love you girl wayne and todd. would love to be on your show for christamas, me wayne i would sing al, be home for christamas. is the cousins and you real??????? one other thang i lost my mother in jan of 2012
i am not asking you to pay our power bill. make over on home !!!! any way god bless you , wayne and todd

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