This family has been through a lot, and they're about to go through something else -- a home makeover! It's all thanks to Ellen and the HGTV Cousins.


Gail Fregon
160 days ago

I have to concur with other viewers. I am a retired Naval Officer and really do not understand this situation. I appreciate everything Ellen does for people and it often brings me to tears but I really don't get this one !

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165 days ago

This makes me so frustrated! Not only do they choose a Lt Colonel, a high ranking officer, not assist when I know of multiple lower enlisted families who needed more assistance than these people. And anyone who knows ANYTHING about Tricare would know that unless there were certain cir***stances they would have paid any medical bills, maybe Ellen's people should've checked the wife's criminal record, since she was driving under the influence when she got in the accident.

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Cindy Saunders
167 days ago

Ellen, I am always thrilled with your help to military families (I am a spouse of a retired military officer, 31 years), however I was dismayed to hear today's show, with the Purple Heart recipient & spouse who had to go through their savings to help with bills resulting from a motorcycle accident. The military should be picking up those bills!! Do you know the background on why the military did not pick up the bills?
Once again, I love your helping everyone!

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Kristen Mosuch
167 days ago

My sister is so cute. I am so glad Ellen and HGTV are doing this for them!!

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