Sarah's story touched a lot of people on the internet, and Ellen had to meet her! What Ellen did next will change Sarah's life forever.


273 days ago

I am a teacher and there are so many days when it doesn't seem worth it. Then I see Sarah, one of my former students, on Ellen, and I realize it totally is. So proud of you, Sarah!

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Cathy Reynolds
276 days ago

What a sweet little lady such a great story about someone not having much and sharing the little she had. I love Ellen because she has such a great heart and great outlook on life. Thank you for all you do sweet person

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frances kinner
277 days ago

i want to sign up for what makes me smile i dont have a video recorder on my computer but what makes me smile is my dog she thinks she is human everytime you open something to eat she is there and just puts her paw up and we dont even have to tell her that is so funny to me frances

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