It was just a regular day on the job... until Ellen's camera crew showed up with an enormous surprise! See her reaction, right here.


tanyshia askew
144 days ago

Hi Ellen!! That was simply wonderful you have such a big heart and your such a happy person. This brought tears to my eyes because I know what its like to impact someone life. I truly enjoy watching your show.

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Cindy Zerko
148 days ago

Hi Ellen!! I watch your show faithfully everyday when possible (it"s on twice). I need my daily Goosebumps to get me motivated and you deliver in so many ways every time. Today you surprized a previous audience member at Nordstroms with a new Mazda and asked her what she would name it since her old car is named Betsy. Did she ever tell you the new name? Well don't leave us viewers just hanging!

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