This 4-year-old singer has made a name for himself singing Bruno Mars hits on Ellen's show. He was back with another incredible performance!


Ishari Uduwella
170 days ago

Adorable.. one of my favorite.. mwaaaah kai

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Linda Jenkins
296 days ago

My comment to Linda from 5 days ago, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? you obviously don't have children or shouldn't have any.
Kia is so precious and sincere, a joy to watch, as are most of the children Ellen has on the show.
Love your show Ellen and you are a breath of fresh air, I could watch you 24/7, I have my lunch with you every day.
Please don't ever stop showing the joy and love you bring to this world. Linda J

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301 days ago

You can't even understand 1 word he sings. He is not enjoyable very annoying voice

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301 days ago

This is the sweetest thing EVER! Kai is so SWEET! He is just precious and Ellen is so genuine with him and with EVERYONE she meets. He has perfect manners with her and she never once makes him feel like he is not the best singer on the planet. Thanks Ellen for making EVERY single person you talk to on your show feel like they are the MOST IMPORTANT person in the room at that momoent. We need MORE people in this world like you - Kai was right! You are a great teacher and a fine example for us all! Keep doing YOU!! We are all learning from you EVERY day! I DVR your show (because of work) and watch it when I can - sometimes keeping keeping the shows for weeks - even months, I just don't want to erase them. I teach school and try to teach my kids to "Be kind to one another". I would love to come see your show in person some day!! Thanks again for ALL you do! I think you are the GREATEST!! love, dana

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