Her family has a big surprise coming... so Ellen checked in on the progress! First things first: the old house has got to go!


Erma Lockett
117 days ago

I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST.GOD Bless You Ellen when you get to mePlease!Please!help us with a new kitchen and bathroom we will be most gratful.Keep up the good work . Thank You.

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Libby Brown
118 days ago

Watching your show today and seeing Suzie's house I swear I heard if your house needed a make over send and or tell you,looked and looked and can not find anywhere to say anything,BUT my daughter's house should be on your list~She is a single mother of 3,works for our school system and is trying very very hard to make ends meet.I try to help as much as possible,I recently have had hip surgery and next one going to be done the end of the month so I am layed up and not much help.So Please direct me in the right direction to get her on the list~PLEASE.....LIBBY

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