It was an overwhelming surprise for Kirby. See what happened when she got to give Ellen's gift a closer look.


Dale Cross
143 days ago

My wife and I are always amazed and touched by the goodwill that Ellen has extended to so many over the years and although all of them pull on our heart strings in different ways, the Bookmobile hit extremely close to home.
Despite the fact that it was not meant for such a use, we have a vehicle that was 'modified' years ago into a Bookmobile to serve all of Salem County, New Jersey. For some municipalities, it actually serves as their [elementary] school library!
Over the past several years, the costs to maintain and service the aging vehicle have been daunting to say the least and the budget just cannot continue to support the maintenance, foreign parts, etc., ultimately jeopardizing the valuable service that it provides to so many. In this day and age when libraries are the first things decreased or eliminated from budgets, our is no different and our elected officials have been able to sustain the service but this appears to be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.
Thank you for what you do on a daily basis for those in need and thank you for any consideration you may be able to offer...


Dale A. Cross

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