Ellen loves to send Amy out into the world to "talk the lyrics" to perfect strangers who have no idea they're on camera. Here were some results from the last time, which we didn't have time to show. 


245 days ago

You guys will have to put this song on "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne

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Tina Spear
249 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Loved Amy "ALL BY MYSELF" Made my day and had me crying and laughing.....Keep them coming !

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Lita Ristuccia
251 days ago

ELLENNNNN DAHLINK!!! despite the fact that i'm hetero, I want to ask you on a date... just a FUN date.....along with Amy....who is a gas....good actress!!! There is nothing better in life than laughing over absurdities....icing on top with a partner!! fun fun fun. Before this today, I was crying over JFK. then i was crying/laughing on floor with Amy. hilarious. ......and yes, when my kids are gone every other week for a week, w DaDa DAH, I am ALL BY MYSELF.....
MADE my day. You are really just a joy to watch, Ellen DeGeneres.
ok. I'm on my way out to Michael's now.....

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