She's hosting the Oscars, and Sophia Grace & Rosie want to make sure Ellen is fully prepared. Check out their adorable advice!


Lauren Belbusti
249 days ago

Ellen I love your show. I have an Aunt who is 88 and also loves your show we live in different states. Your show comes on at 3pm where I am and 4pm where she lived. She recently passed on and I miss herso much. I would call her while watching your show to make sure she saw it that day. While she was in the hospital we would put your show on for her even if she was sleeping and it was posted in her room the woerd ELLEN and what channel and what time you would come on. She loved Sophia Grace and Rosie. Just wanted to let you know that at the end you brought smiles into her life. Thanks for being you Ellen and for caring about people like you do.

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