Caterpillars Are Everywhere Show Clip
Caterpillars Are Everywhere
Caterpillars Are Everywhere Ellen made some new friends, and she's learning so much about them! Watch Video
Matt Lauer's Dressing Room Show Clip
Matt Lauer's Dressing Room
Matt Lauer's Dressing Room Ellen and the "Today" show host have been having a little fun with each other. She was glad to see he was so appreciative of her recent gift! Watch Video
Nick Jonas Performs 'Chains' Show Clip
Nick Jonas Performs 'Chains'
Nick Jonas Performs 'Chains' The handsome singer was here for this heartfelt performance! Watch Video
Usher Plays Peekaboo on '#RepeatAfterMe' Show Clip
Usher Plays Peekaboo on '#RepeatAfterMe'
Usher Plays Peekaboo on '#RepeatAfterMe' He was in training for a new basketball movie… at least that’s what Usher told this basketball coach. He was really on a hidden camera! Don't… Watch Video
Chris Harrison Goes TV Shopping on '#RepeatAfterMe' Show Clip
Chris Harrison Goes TV Shopping on '#RepeatAfterMe'
Chris Harrison Goes TV Shopping on '#RepeatAfterMe' When he’s not hosting "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," Chris is just like everyone else, shopping for TVs and toilet paper. Don’t miss… Watch Video
Beth Behrs Goes to Twerk on '#RepeatAfterMe' Show Clip
Beth Behrs Goes to Twerk on '#RepeatAfterMe'
Beth Behrs Goes to Twerk on '#RepeatAfterMe' The "2 Broke Girls" star showed this dance instructor her best moves... and it was all caught on hidden camera! Don’t miss "Repeat After Me,"… Watch Video
Ellen's Halftime Game Show Clip
Ellen's Halftime Game
Ellen's Halftime Game She challenged Ellen Pompeo to a fun game that could be big news for half of the audience. Find out what they won! Watch Video
'Sex Box' Show Clip
'Sex Box'
'Sex Box' Ellen has an exclusive clip from the new reality show... and it might surprise you. Watch Video
Sneak Peek: Usher on '#RepeatAfterMe' Show Clip
Sneak Peek: Usher on '#RepeatAfterMe'
Sneak Peek: Usher on '#RepeatAfterMe' Usher took things into his own hands during this hidden camera prank. Don't miss his entire adventure tonight 8:30/7:30c on ABC! Watch Video
#TheDress Show Clip
#TheDress It was the photo that gripped the world. Is it white and gold or black and blue? Ellen got to the bottom of it, meeting all the key players in this… Watch Video
It's White and Gold! Show Clip
It's White and Gold!
It's White and Gold! The actual dress might be black and blue, but Ellen has a bone to pick with anyone who thinks it is... including the dress itself. Watch Video
Ellen at Mattress Firm Show Clip
Ellen at Mattress Firm
Ellen at Mattress Firm She made an appearance at a charity event that they were hosting at a local school, and she brought the footage back with her to prove it! Watch Video