4/20 Inspired Children's Books Show Clip
4/20 Inspired Children's Books
4/20 Inspired Children's Books Ellen came across some baked books that are perfect for this annual day, or any day you might have the munchies. Watch Video
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Funniest Photos
Funniest Photos See Photos
This + That: Cats & Hats Show Clip
This + That: Cats & Hats
This + That: Cats & Hats Ellen combined furry felines with an assortment of headwear for this edition of "This + That." Watch Video
Ellen Tries the Blow Cup Challenge! Show Clip
Ellen Tries the Blow Cup Challenge!
Ellen Tries the Blow Cup Challenge! The latest craze with all the kids is the Blow Cup Challenge, and Ellen is taking part in it. Check out her (and Andy's) skills! Watch Video
Goldman & Mangold: Hatchimals Show Clip
Goldman & Mangold: Hatchimals
Goldman & Mangold: Hatchimals Have a Hatchimal that never hatched? Don't wait, call the law offices Goldman & Mangold today! Watch Video
Girl Scouts' Honest Commercial Show Clip
Girl Scouts' Honest Commercial
Girl Scouts' Honest Commercial In celebration of their 100th birthday, Girl Scouts created this surprisingly honest (and "totally real") commercial. Watch Video
'Jurassic Park... Thimble' Show Clip
'Jurassic Park... Thimble'
'Jurassic Park... Thimble' The Monopoly game piece updates inspired a new twist on the classic film, "Jurassic Park." Never before has anyone been so terrified of a thimble! Watch Video
Trump's Children's Books Show Clip
Trump's Children's Books
Trump's Children's Books Taking a cue from Chelsea Clinton, President Trump has come out with his own books for kids. Watch Video
'Andy and the Beast' Show Clip
'Andy and the Beast'
'Andy and the Beast' Ellen found some behind-the-scenes footage featuring the man originally cast as Gaston in the classic tale's live-action version. My, he sure is… Watch Video
'Average Andy' with World Sumo Champion Yama Show Clip
'Average Andy' with World Sumo Champion Yama
'Average Andy' with World Sumo Champion Yama Ellen's Executive Producer was put through the sumo wrestling wringer with two-time World Sumo Champion Yamamotoyama. It's time for another episode… Watch Video
Owen Wilson as a Cat Show Clip
Owen Wilson as a Cat
Owen Wilson as a Cat Ellen came up with another amazing idea: combining Owen Wilson and cat videos. Meow! Watch Video
Kathy's Hidden Camera Pranks! Show Clip
Kathy's Hidden Camera Pranks!
Kathy's Hidden Camera Pranks! Ellen sent her friend Kathy on a Carnival cruise to have some hidden camera fun with unsuspecting vacationers! Watch Video