Reporter Misses the Boat Show Clip
Reporter Misses the Boat
Reporter Misses the Boat Ellen found a video of a Dutch reporter who has a run-in with the ocean. If you like that, wait for the subtitles. Watch Video
More of the Best of the Web Show Clip
More of the Best of the Web
More of the Best of the Web Ellen's got another batch of hilarious, adorable, and scary web videos. Check 'em out! Watch Video
Deb Cohan's Inspiring Video Show Clip
Deb Cohan's Inspiring Video
Deb Cohan's Inspiring Video When Deb Cohan was going into surgery for her cancer, she did something most of us wouldn't think to do... she danced. She told her story to Ellen. Watch Video
Love Is an Open Door Web Video
Love Is an Open Door
Love Is an Open Door Check out these adorable (and talented) parents putting on a show for their kids… or perhaps it's just for themselves. Watch Video
The Ellen Dancers Web Video
The Ellen Dancers
The Ellen Dancers Melissa F. from Hemet, California sent in this video of an awesome new dance troupe bustin' a move with Ellen! Nice going, gang! Watch Video
Goat Trampoline Web Video
Goat Trampoline
Goat Trampoline It may not be what it was intended for, but these goats had a blast on what might be considered the first ever goat bouncy castle! Watch Video
Joey Loves Water Web Video
Joey Loves Water
Joey Loves Water Check out this video of a cat who loves water. He just can't get enough! Watch Video
Sound the Alarm Web Video
Sound the Alarm
Sound the Alarm This dog does an awesome impression of a siren! Step aside Dalmatians, this retriever is ready to take over for the Fire Department. Watch Video
World Wide Whaaaat? Show Clip
World Wide Whaaaat?
World Wide Whaaaat? Ellen found some sites on the World Wide Web that you'll just have to see to believe. Our apologies to Bea Arthur. Got a video like this that Ellen… Watch Video
Lethally Fast Rapper Show Clip
Lethally Fast Rapper
Lethally Fast Rapper When Ellen saw this video by Mac Lethal, she knew she had to meet him! You won't believe his skills. Watch Video
First Kiss Show Clip
First Kiss
First Kiss There's a video taking the Internet by storm, in which strangers kiss for the first time. Ellen discussed it with her audience. Watch Video
Linda, Listen! Show Clip
Linda, Listen!
Linda, Listen! Ellen found a web video of a 3-year-old boy arguing with his mother... that you just have to see to believe. Watch Video