Oh, Benny Photo
Oh, Benny
Oh, Benny Shannon O. from Surrey, British Columbia sent in this photo of her cat, Benny. They say the cat could become jealous of the baby. Not Benny. He's… View Gallery
Happy Easter from 1974 Photo
Happy Easter from 1974
Happy Easter from 1974 Kerri A. from Canton, Georgia sent in this photo of her and her sister at Easter in 1974. This rabbit not only gives you chocolate eggs, he also… View Gallery
Perfect Pet Placement Photo
Perfect Pet Placement
Perfect Pet Placement Cassidy D. from Salt Lake City, Utah sent in this photo of Vino, Pumpkin, Oliver and Rosie. At first, she had only the two cats and a dog, but she… View Gallery
First Easter Photo
First Easter
First Easter Ashley R. from Minot, North Dakota sent in this photo of her daughter, who is almost 8 months old. It's her first Easter, and so far, it's certainly… View Gallery
Let's Get Physical Photo
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical Angela T. from Mendon, Massachusetts sent in this photo and wrote, "My friend and I signed up for dance a little later in life.... for the costumes."… See Photo
Waiting for Beth Photo
Waiting for Beth
Waiting for Beth Beth C. posted this photo Ellen's Facebook page of Ming waiting for her to get home. Get home soon, Beth! Ming misses you! See more "Whatcha Lookin'… See Photo
Angry Bunny Photo
Angry Bunny
Angry Bunny Diana B. from Garards, Pennsylvania sent in this photo of the Easter Bunny on what must have been a bad day for him. See more bad Easter photos, here! View Gallery
Super Kitty Photo
Super Kitty
Super Kitty Sherry M. from Saint John, New Brunswick sent in this photo she snapped when she saw Asha the cat. It's not unusual to see a cat outside the window.… View Gallery
It's a Boy Photo
It's a Boy
It's a Boy Hannah N. from Umina in Australia snapped this photo to announce their impending third child. Not everyone in the family is excited about it. See… View Gallery
Lady in Red Photo
Lady in Red
Lady in Red Sandy H. posted this photo from "20-ish years ago" to Ellen's Facebook page! Nothing says "Hot Glam" like a doily for a backdrop. See more Hot Glam,… View Gallery
Whose Ball? Photo
Whose Ball?
Whose Ball? Melody G. posted this cute photo to Ellen's Facebook page. We're not sure how long this ball standoff lasted, but it doesn't look like it was over… View Gallery
Lots of Dots Photo
Lots of Dots
Lots of Dots Heather D. posted this photo on Ellen's Facebook page! This wedding party looks like they may have come down with something. See more bad wedding… View Gallery