#AlexFromTarget Meets #EllenFromEllen Show Clip
#AlexFromTarget Meets #EllenFromEllen
#AlexFromTarget Meets #EllenFromEllen He was just a bagger at Target, now he's on Ellen! Alex told his amazing story. Watch Video
Live from Dick's Sporting Goods Show Clip
Live from Dick's Sporting Goods
Live from Dick's Sporting Goods Ellen had a big Twitter Challenge in Daly City, California. See how these lucky contestants did! Watch Video
What the Emoji? Show Clip
What the Emoji?
What the Emoji? Ellen translated some emojis for which you might have the wrong definition. Watch Video
Yelp from My Friends Show Clip
Yelp from My Friends
Yelp from My Friends Ellen found some reviews on Yelp that you simply have to see to believe.  Watch Video
The State of Emojis Show Clip
The State of Emojis
The State of Emojis Ellen caught her audience up on the new emojis, and how they've affected Nick the Gardener! Watch Video
Ellen Periscopes Her Monologue Show Clip
Ellen Periscopes Her Monologue
Ellen Periscopes Her Monologue If you haven't yet checked out Periscope, here's the introduction you've been looking for. Watch Video
Ellen's Personal Email Show Clip
Ellen's Personal Email
Ellen's Personal Email She's used her personal email for work purposes, so she thought it was only fair to reveal the contents of her inbox.  Watch Video
Instagram Model Matthew Noszka Show Clip
Instagram Model Matthew Noszka
Instagram Model Matthew Noszka He thought he was posting a photo of a deck he built. He had no idea that what he was actually doing was launching a successful modeling career! Watch Video
Ellen's 10,000th Tweet Show Clip
Ellen's 10,000th Tweet
Ellen's 10,000th Tweet It was a big moment for Ellen, and it came with some very big news for the audience! Watch Video
Good Things Are on Tumblr! Show Clip
Good Things Are on Tumblr!
Good Things Are on Tumblr! Ellen announced her new Tumblr page, Good Things by Ellen! Watch Video
Ellen's Ways for You to Win 12 Days Show Clip
Ellen's Ways for You to Win 12 Days
Ellen's Ways for You to Win 12 Days She showed you some great ways that you can win her 12 Days of Giveaways prizes. And some not-so-great ones. She also found a fun new batch of emojis. Watch Video
Tinder Nightmares Show Clip
Tinder Nightmares
Tinder Nightmares Ellen found some hilarious Tinder conversations on the world wide web that she just had to share! Watch Video