Ellen Strips for Letterman Show Clip
Ellen Strips for Letterman
Ellen Strips for Letterman As David Letterman's epic run as host of "The Late Show" comes to a close, Ellen remembered one of her favorite visits.  Watch Video
'50 Shades Darker' Extended Trailer Show Clip
'50 Shades Darker' Extended Trailer
'50 Shades Darker' Extended Trailer The follow-up to "50 Shades of Grey" is coming to theaters, and Ellen found an exclusive trailer. Watch Video
Ellen's Town Crier Show Clip
Ellen's Town Crier
Ellen's Town Crier If you saw the announcement of the new princess, you'll know exactly where Ellen got her idea for announcing new Ellen Shop items.  Watch Video
Gina Almost Dies Show Clip
Gina Almost Dies
Gina Almost Dies It was a dramatic moment on Ellen today. This may be one we never forget.  Watch Video
'Jurassic World': Ellen's New Trailer Show Clip
'Jurassic World': Ellen's New Trailer
'Jurassic World': Ellen's New Trailer Ellen found an alternate trailer for the exciting new film... with a shocking twist.  Watch Video
'Star Wars': Extended Trailer Show Clip
'Star Wars': Extended Trailer
'Star Wars': Extended Trailer Ellen got her hands on an even longer trailer for the new film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Watch Video
Ellen's Submission for Best Actress Show Clip
Ellen's Submission for Best Actress
Ellen's Submission for Best Actress With the Daytime Emmys coming up, Ellen's making a play for an award. Watch Video
SketchShe Performs on Ellen Show Clip
SketchShe Performs on Ellen
SketchShe Performs on Ellen The gorgeous viral video creators from Down Under were here to perform their newest hit live on Ellen's stage. Watch Video
Oprah's New Master Class Show Clip
Oprah's New Master Class
Oprah's New Master Class The hit show is returning for another season, and Ellen has a sneak peek. It looks like it's headed in a new direction.  Watch Video
A New Avengers Character Revealed! Show Clip
A New Avengers Character Revealed!
A New Avengers Character Revealed! Ellen got her hands on the exclusive footage of a new character. Meet The Honker! Watch Video
The Three Sofias Show Clip
The Three Sofias
The Three Sofias Ellen premiered her exciting new sitcom that stars Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon! Watch Video
Amazing Double Lottery Winners Show Clip
Amazing Double Lottery Winners
Amazing Double Lottery Winners Ellen Skyped with these astoundingly lucky players in jolly old England.  Watch Video