Chick'n Pot Pie Recipe of the Day
Chick'n Pot Pie
Chick'n Pot Pie Comfort food at its best. Everyone loves pot pie, and Roberto Martin's vegan recipe is very easy. Read More
Twice Baked Potato Recipe of the Day
Twice Baked Potato
Twice Baked Potato Want a twist on delicious comfort food? Try Roberto Martin's recipe for twice baked potato. Read More
Risotto Recipe of the Day
Risotto Try Roberton Martin's twist on traditional risotto! Read More
Mac ‘N Cheese Recipe of the Day
Mac ‘N Cheese
Mac ‘N Cheese Want a fun and easy recipe you can make with your kids? Try Roberto Martin's Mac 'N Cheese. Read More
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear Show Clip
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear While he was here, Ludacris showed off his Ellen underwear! Lookin' good! Watch Video
Ellen and Ed Helms Fly Helicopters Show Clip
Ellen and Ed Helms Fly Helicopters
Ellen and Ed Helms Fly Helicopters They're not full-sized, but these remote-controlled helicopters are certainly challenging! See how Ellen and Ed Helms did flying them around the… Watch Video
Country Song or Country Wrong? Show Clip
Country Song or Country Wrong?
Country Song or Country Wrong? Ellen asked "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere to play a game in which she guessed if song titles were real country songs, or just really wrong. Watch Video
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Show Clip
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Ellen celebrated the day by calling Andy's assistant, Jacqueline, and asking her a few interesting questions about working on the show. Watch Video
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom Show Clip
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom Ellen was excited to surprise two of her favorite teachers with a huge gift from Skype. Watch the big reveal here! Watch Video
It's Raining Film Canisters! Show Clip
It's Raining Film Canisters!
It's Raining Film Canisters! Ellen needed a raincoat and an umbrella for an epic science experiment that could only be Steve Spangler's. Watch Video
Chef Roberto's Holiday Recipes Article
Chef Roberto's Holiday Recipes
Chef Roberto's Holiday Recipes Read More
Vegan Recipes for Carnivores Article
Vegan Recipes for Carnivores
Vegan Recipes for Carnivores Chef Roberto was in the house to cook up some delicious animal-free meals that will satisfy even the biggest meat-lovers in your house. Check 'em out! See video