Momarazzi Quote of the Day
Momarazzi "I call her the momarazzi, she is worse than the paparazzi." --Rebel Wilson on her mom Read More
To Host, or Not to Host? Quote of the Day
To Host, or Not to Host?
To Host, or Not to Host? "Pro: I'll be invited to all the cool Oscar after parties! Con: I liked to be tucked in by 7:30." --Ellen on the pros and cons of hosting the Oscars Read More
Hosting the Oscars Quote of the Day
Hosting the Oscars
Hosting the Oscars "I agreed to host the Academy Awards again this year!" --Ellen Read More
Mitch & Cam's Wedding Quote of the Day
Mitch & Cam's Wedding
Mitch & Cam's Wedding "It's a great journey Mitch and Cam have been on; it's what the audience deserves and what Mitch and Cam deserve, and I'm just glad we are getting to… Read More
Good Luck Charm Quote of the Day
Good Luck Charm
Good Luck Charm "You're sort of like a fertility good luck charm." --Megan Fox to Ellen Read More
The Best Is Yet to Come Quote of the Day
The Best Is Yet to Come
The Best Is Yet to Come "The best is yet to come for all of us, if we all just hang in there, and we are all stronger than we think we are." --Robin Roberts Read More
Chelsea Handler Quote of the Day
Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler "I like to create my own thing and I like to be a little bit of an underdog, and I'm not for everyone, and I know that and that’s okay. I like my… Read More
Swagger-Jacking Quote of the Day
Swagger-Jacking "Your style is like crazy. I be stealing your style all the time. I am swagger-jacking." --Marlon Wayans on Ellen's style Read More
Trojan Commercial Quote of the Day
Trojan Commercial
Trojan Commercial "My underwear is in a condom commercial! I can finally check that off my bucket list." --Ellen Read More
President Obama on 'Scandal' Quote of the Day
President Obama on 'Scandal'
President Obama on 'Scandal' "I have to tell you, life in Washington is a little more boring than displayed on the screen." --Pres. Barack Obama on ‘Scandal’ Read More
Arianna Huffington on Sleeping Quote of the Day
Arianna Huffington on Sleeping
Arianna Huffington on Sleeping "I have one piece of advice for you: sleep your way to the top." --Arianna Huffington on why getting sleep is so important Read More