Audience Sings 'Moves Like Jagger' Show Clip
Audience Sings 'Moves Like Jagger'
Audience Sings 'Moves Like Jagger' Ellen's audience showed off their singing skills to the hit song. Unfortunately, some did not know all the lyrics. Watch Video
Amazing Rescue Video Show Clip
Amazing Rescue Video
Amazing Rescue Video A boy got stuck in an arcade claw machine, and Ellen has video from the dramatic rescue. Watch Video
Got Nun Talent Show Clip
Got Nun Talent
Got Nun Talent "The Voice" in Italy found a special talent in a nun. Not to be outdone, Ellen has a new show of her own. Watch Video
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day! Show Clip
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day!
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day! Ellen celebrated by surprising two of the show's administrative assistants with some very special surprises. Watch Video
Ellen's Meme of the Week Show Clip
Ellen's Meme of the Week
Ellen's Meme of the Week For the first ever Meme of the Week, Ellen showed her audience some hilarious photos of baby suiting. Enjoy! Watch Video
Ellen Has 'Frozen' Items! Show Clip
Ellen Has 'Frozen' Items!
Ellen Has 'Frozen' Items! The products from the movie "Frozen" are flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. They're even going for massive amounts of money on the Internet.… Watch Video
Happy Classic Joke Wednesday! Show Clip
Happy Classic Joke Wednesday!
Happy Classic Joke Wednesday! To celebrate, Ellen told this gem about pirates. Enjoy! Check out all of Ellen's favorite classic jokes, here! Watch Video
Round 1 of 'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Show Clip
Round 1 of 'Ellen, Here's My Talent'
Round 1 of 'Ellen, Here's My Talent' After the raging success last year, Ellen was ready to open the contest up once more. Here are the first candidates. Got a talent Ellen should see?… Watch Video
Jacqueline Tells Ellen About Coachella Show Clip
Jacqueline Tells Ellen About Coachella
Jacqueline Tells Ellen About Coachella When Ellen found out her exceptionally shy staff member attended Coachella, she had to ask her a few questions -- on air in front of the entire world. Watch Video
It's National Eraser Day Show Clip
It's National Eraser Day
It's National Eraser Day Ellen gave the holiday a big shout out. Plus, she got her hands on a Google Glass! Watch Video
Welcome Baby Pinkston! Show Clip
Welcome Baby Pinkston!
Welcome Baby Pinkston! Ellen welcomed a very special new member to the Ellen Show family. Watch Video
'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Is Back! Show Clip
'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Is Back!
'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Is Back! Her celebrated competition has returned! Ellen outlined the contest on her show. Do you have a talent Ellen should see? Submit it here! Watch Video