Kym Douglas' Holiday Tips! Show Clip
Kym Douglas' Holiday Tips!
Kym Douglas' Holiday Tips! Ellen's beauty expert is here with some of her favorite tips and products that will get you in mood for mistletoe. Watch Video
Kym Douglas' Unbelievable Beauty Tips Article
Kym Douglas' Unbelievable Beauty Tips
Kym Douglas' Unbelievable Beauty Tips Her tips to make you look your best are unbelievably good, and just plain unbelievable! See all the fun Kym brought to Ellen today. See video
Hot Chocolate Bath Article
Hot Chocolate Bath
Hot Chocolate Bath Pour regular hot cocoa powder into your bath and soak. The chocolate is an antioxidant and will draw the toxins out of your skin. Chocolate is also… Read More
Elmer’s Glue Nose Strip Article
Elmer’s Glue Nose Strip
Elmer’s Glue Nose Strip Remember pouring Elmer’s Glue into your hand as a kid and peeling it off? Well, that’s actually good for you! Apply a thin layer of… Read More
Cheerios Exfoliant Article
Cheerios Exfoliant
Cheerios Exfoliant Crush up your Cheerios into a fine powder. Mix in about a tbsp. of honey and about a tsp. of lemon juice. Using your hands, massage the mixture… Read More
Easy Pan Cleanup Article
Easy Pan Cleanup
Easy Pan Cleanup After you use a pan for cooking, washing the grease and residue off can be tough work. To make it easy, put a dryer sheet in the pan and fill with… Read More
Natural Lip Stain Article
Natural Lip Stain
Natural Lip Stain Mash up some beets and spread it onto your lips in place of your regular lipstick or lip stain. Cover with clear lip balm to seal. You can also use… Read More
Kiwi Face Peel Article
Kiwi Face Peel
Kiwi Face Peel  Blend 1 kiwi until you have a smooth texture. In a bowl, mix together the blended kiwi with your yogurt, olive oil, and orange juice. Using… Read More
Pumpkin Hair Mask Article
Pumpkin Hair Mask
Pumpkin Hair Mask Just before you shower, mix together your pumpkin puree with a few drops of coconut and jojoba oil in a bowl. Hop in the shower and get your hair… Read More
Margarita Body Scrub Article
Margarita Body Scrub
Margarita Body Scrub After a margarita party, use the leftover ingredients to make yourself a natural body scrub! Using your leftover salt, tequila, lime and adding some… Read More
Remove Chlorine Build-up Article
Remove Chlorine Build-up
Remove Chlorine Build-up If you’re blonde, you know that chlorine will turn your hair green. For an easy, natural way to get rid of the green, put ketchup on your hair.… Read More
Pizza Facial Article
Pizza Facial
Pizza Facial Blend garlic and tomato paste and apply evenly across your face. Let sit for ten minutes, then gently rinse off with water. The tomato paste helps… Read More