Fanny Packs Are Back! Show Clip
Fanny Packs Are Back!
Fanny Packs Are Back! Not to miss out on the trend, Ellen has a new and improved version of the fashion accessory. Watch Video
Flask Flack Show Clip
Flask Flack
Flask Flack A woman is suing a flask company for a surprising reason. Ellen is feeling her pain.  Watch Video
Ellen's Got Exciting News with Entitle Books Show Clip
Ellen's Got Exciting News with Entitle Books
Ellen's Got Exciting News with Entitle Books Check out this cool new partnership Ellen has formed, and see how you can be a part of it! Watch Video
Ellen's Holiday Gifts Show Clip
Ellen's Holiday Gifts
Ellen's Holiday Gifts She received some impressive gifts from her fans over the break. Her fans have great taste, and great talent! Watch Video
These Toys Are Really Weird Show Clip
These Toys Are Really Weird
These Toys Are Really Weird Ellen found another batch of toys you just have to see to believe. Don't say we didn't warn you! Watch Video
Celebrity Holiday Products Show Clip
Celebrity Holiday Products
Celebrity Holiday Products Looks like Ellen isn't the only star with some exciting holiday items! Watch Video
Ellen's Got a Real Reality Roundup Show Clip
Ellen's Got a Real Reality Roundup
Ellen's Got a Real Reality Roundup You won't believe the reality shows Ellen found to show her audience. They're unreal. Watch Video
Marcia Brady or Ellen? Show Clip
Marcia Brady or Ellen?
Marcia Brady or Ellen? Ellen found an unusual item on the internet... so she bought it. Watch Video
Dance Dares Are Back! Show Clip
Dance Dares Are Back!
Dance Dares Are Back! Ellen is challenging you to make a video of yourself dancing behind someone who doesn't know it. Submit your videos to ellentube! Watch Video
Texts from Your Ex Show Clip
Texts from Your Ex
Texts from Your Ex Text messages are a great way to communicate, unless they're from your ex, as Ellen discovered. Watch Video
Ellen's Halloween Costume Suggestions Show Clip
Ellen's Halloween Costume Suggestions
Ellen's Halloween Costume Suggestions She asked her viewers what she should be for Halloween. This is what they suggested. Watch Video
Naked Television Show Clip
Naked Television
Naked Television Ellen’s noticed a trend on TV, and she’s talking to her audience about it. Watch Video