Nemo Twins Photo
Nemo Twins
Nemo Twins Beth G. posted this photo to Ellen's Facebook page! These two really found a way to catch Ellen's attention. These outfits are adorable, and they… View Gallery
Nemo the Snow Fish Article
Nemo the Snow Fish
Nemo the Snow Fish Kristy M. from Auburn, Massachusetts sent in this photo of a snow sculpture these two 10-year-olds made. Nate and Jake. It's Nemo! Great work, guys!… See photo
Dory Ink! Article
Dory Ink!
Dory Ink! Nicole G. from San Diego, California is rocking an awesome tattoo! She was planning on getting it sooner, but she kept forgetting. See more "Ink… See photo
Nemo in the Sand Article
Nemo in the Sand
Nemo in the Sand Christine C. posted this photo to Ellen's Facebook page! This is a really impressive "Finding Nemo" sandscape! We can't wait to see the one for… Read More
Dory Pimp My Car Article
Dory Pimp My Car
Dory Pimp My Car Darlene D. from Virginia Beach, Virginia was driving down the street when she saw this tricked out ride. Who needs flames when you've got Dory and… See photo
Found Dory Article
Found Dory
Found Dory Nicole C. from Tarentum, Pennsylvania sent in this photo of her cat, Alba, who is very excited about "Finding Dory." She's already a pro at it. See… See photo
Forever Dory Article
Forever Dory
Forever Dory Sarah P. from Burlington, Ontario sent in this photo of her new tattoo. Just keep swimming! But don't swim in a chlorinated pool for the next two… Read More
Caption This: Nemo and Bella Article
Caption This: Nemo and Bella
Caption This: Nemo and Bella Amanda W. from Berkley, Massachusetts sent in this picture of her cat, Bella, watching "Finding Nemo"! Got a caption for it? Submit it below in the… See photo
It's Official: 'Finding Dory' Article
It's Official: 'Finding Dory'
It's Official: 'Finding Dory' Here's the official poster for "Finding Dory"! We can't wait! See photo
Quote of the Day: 'Finding Dory' Article
Quote of the Day: 'Finding Dory'
Quote of the Day: 'Finding Dory' "Kids, let that be a lesson to you. Anything is possible if you're patient and you beg hard enough on national television." --Ellen Read More
Driving Nemo Article
Driving Nemo
Driving Nemo Kate F. from Sydney sent this to Ellen. Looks like they found Nemo! Check out some other fans who found Nemo right here. See photo
Land Sharks Article
Land Sharks
Land Sharks Carrie Anne R. posted this amazing sand art photo to Ellen's Facebook page. It's the sharks from "Finding Nemo"! These guys look scary even in sand… Read More