Support Indy the Dog Article
Support Indy the Dog
Support Indy the Dog Ellen recently met Indy the Dog, who was abandoned after someone attached fireworks to him and ignited them on the 4th of July. He's doing much… Read More
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear Show Clip
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear
Ludacris' Ellen Underwear While he was here, Ludacris showed off his Ellen underwear! Lookin' good! Watch Video
Adopt This Puppy at Spot! Article
Adopt This Puppy at Spot!
Adopt This Puppy at Spot! If you're looking to adopt a sweet dog, and you live in the Los Angeles area, you're in luck -- Ellen found one for you! Find out more about this… Read More
Adopt Harry! Article
Adopt Harry!
Adopt Harry! Ellen talked about this sweet pup at Spot in Los Angeles that's available for adoption! To find out more about Harry, the dog that looks a little… Read More
Adopt These Puppies! Article
Adopt These Puppies!
Adopt These Puppies! Ellen rescued these two adorable puppies! They're currently residing at Spot L.A., where they're waiting to be adopted. If you can provide a home for… Read More
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Show Clip
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Ellen celebrated the day by calling Andy's assistant, Jacqueline, and asking her a few interesting questions about working on the show. Watch Video
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom Show Clip
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom
Skype Gives $50K to a Deserving Classroom Ellen was excited to surprise two of her favorite teachers with a huge gift from Skype. Watch the big reveal here! Watch Video
It's Raining Film Canisters! Show Clip
It's Raining Film Canisters!
It's Raining Film Canisters! Ellen needed a raincoat and an umbrella for an epic science experiment that could only be Steve Spangler's. Watch Video
Ellen Stole Bo Obama Show Clip
Ellen Stole Bo Obama
Ellen Stole Bo Obama After her trip to Washington, DC, Ellen returned with a very special memento. Watch Video
Ellen's Topless Pool Service Show Clip
Ellen's Topless Pool Service
Ellen's Topless Pool Service She set up a van in Burbank to advertise topless pool cleaners. Then, on the show, Ellen waited for people to call! Watch Video
Ellen's Got Beeswax! Show Clip
Ellen's Got Beeswax!
Ellen's Got Beeswax! With their new campaign to get people to "raise their Burt's" it was time for Ellen to do a live commercial for Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. She… Watch Video
Bethenny's Talk Show Update Show Clip
Bethenny's Talk Show Update
Bethenny's Talk Show Update Bethenny Frankel's new talk show is coming soon -- Ellen has the details! Watch Video