Support Downtown Dog Rescue Article
Support Downtown Dog Rescue
Support Downtown Dog Rescue Downtown Dog Rescue is an all volunteer animal charity that rescues and adopts dogs and assists underserved communities, focusing on South East Los… Read More
Support the Humane Society Article
Support the Humane Society
Support the Humane Society Ellen and president of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle, have a great way for you to help animals. If they can get 25,000… Read More
Support the 'Big Life Foundation' Article
Support the 'Big Life Foundation'
Support the 'Big Life Foundation' Nick Brandt is a photographer who has had an incredible career capturing amazing animals on film. Now he's giving back by creating a foundation… Read More
'Graybeards' Help Victims of Sandy Article
'Graybeards' Help Victims of Sandy
'Graybeards' Help Victims of Sandy After the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, an amazing organization of volunteers stood up to help. The Graybeards are comprised of firefighters,… Read More
Ellen Recommends 'Match Meats' Article
Ellen Recommends 'Match Meats'
Ellen Recommends 'Match Meats' Read More
Ellen Loves WeTopia! Article
Ellen Loves WeTopia!
Ellen Loves WeTopia! Ellen has found an amazing new game that lets you play for free, and do good in the real world at the same time! It's called WeTopia, and instead of… Read More
Donate to Farm Sanctuary Article
Donate to Farm Sanctuary
Donate to Farm Sanctuary The Farm Sanctuary is an organization that's very close to my heart. They rescue and rehabilitate animals that have endured terrible abuse and… Read More
Join Me in Helping a Family in Need Article
Join Me in Helping a Family in Need
Join Me in Helping a Family in Need On July 4th weekend, a tragedy took place in Texas in which two amazing parents lost their lives in a car crash. Their three children, all under age… Read More
Please Help the Tornado Victims Article
Please Help the Tornado Victims
Please Help the Tornado Victims I've been watching the news about all the tornadoes, and I'm shocked. Not only has one of the biggest tornadoes in history devastated Joplin,… Read More
Rosetta Stone Article
Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone Ellen has been using Rosetta Stone, the foreign language program that makes it easy to learn. Get more information about Rosetta Stone here. Read More
Find Out More About the Humane Society and How You Can Help! Article
Find Out More About the Humane Society and How You Can Help!
Find Out More About the Humane Society and How You Can Help! Waynce Pacelle is the President and CEO of the Humane Society, an incredible organization that works hard to end animal abuse. You can find out more… Read More
Animal Tracks, Inc. Article
Animal Tracks, Inc.
Animal Tracks, Inc. I found an incredible place that I wanted to tell y'all about called Animal Tracks, Inc. It's a sanctuary for rare and exotic animals that can't be… Read More