Ellen's New Emojis Show Clip
Ellen's New Emojis
Ellen's New Emojis Ellen came up with some brand new emojis that are perfect for online dating. Watch Video
Barbie's New Look Show Clip
Barbie's New Look
Barbie's New Look There are several new Barbie dolls that have been released with different body types, skin tones and more, but did you hear that Ken got a makeover… Watch Video
Odd Traditions from Around the World Show Clip
Odd Traditions from Around the World
Odd Traditions from Around the World Ellen is taking you around the globe for a look at some unusual customs and celebrations.  Watch Video
Ellen's Birthday Celebration Show Clip
Ellen's Birthday Celebration
Ellen's Birthday Celebration Ellen reminisces about some of her favorite things that happened over the past year, and reveals what Oprah gave her for her birthday! Watch Video
Ellen's Adorable Kid Show Clip
Ellen's Adorable Kid
Ellen's Adorable Kid Ellen captured some cute photos and footage of her and Portia's new puppy, Kid.  Watch Video
The East Coast Blizzard Show Clip
The East Coast Blizzard
The East Coast Blizzard The recent snowstorm resulted in a ton of snow, and even more winter fun! Watch Video
Ellen's Holiday 'Sea'son Show Clip
Ellen's Holiday 'Sea'son
Ellen's Holiday 'Sea'son For their holiday vacation, Ellen and Portia spent some time at sea with their family… and Harry Styles. Watch Video
Ellen Explains the Stock Market Show Clip
Ellen Explains the Stock Market
Ellen Explains the Stock Market Finally, someone helps make the stock market make sense!  Watch Video
Ellen's Life Hacks Show Clip
Ellen's Life Hacks
Ellen's Life Hacks Ellen has some genius tips to help make your life easier.  Watch Video
Spoiler Alert! Show Clip
Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert! With everyone binge-watching shows at different paces these days, there's a high risk of accidentally spoiling something for someone.  Watch Video
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions Show Clip
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and Ellen is foreseeing everything that'll be happening.  Watch Video
The Benefits of Kissing Show Clip
The Benefits of Kissing
The Benefits of Kissing Ellen found out about a study that says kissing is good for your health. Pucker up!  Watch Video