Meet Ellen's Squad Show Clip
Meet Ellen's Squad
Meet Ellen's Squad Ellen introduced the members of her squad, proving that Taylor Swift has some tough competition.  Watch Video
Oh, Snap! Show Clip
Oh, Snap!
Oh, Snap! Ellen loves a good selfie, but if you want to take one with her, she has a few guidelines.  Watch Video
Ellen's Thanksgiving Seating Strategy Show Clip
Ellen's Thanksgiving Seating Strategy
Ellen's Thanksgiving Seating Strategy Ellen is giving her audience plenty to be thankful for this holiday season with her tips for a less stressful seating arrangement. Watch Video
Change Is in the Air Show Clip
Change Is in the Air
Change Is in the Air Air travel is getting some updates, and Ellen found designs of some of the new seating arrangements.  Watch Video
The 'Word' of the Year Show Clip
The 'Word' of the Year
The 'Word' of the Year The Oxford Dictionary announced their word of the year. Well, kind of. Watch Video
Bogus Stories Show Clip
Bogus Stories
Bogus Stories Ellen talked about how some fake stories have been taking the internet by storm. Check your sources, people! Watch Video
Ellen's New Outlook Show Clip
Ellen's New Outlook
Ellen's New Outlook Ellen helped her audience look at the number 13 and many other things from a new perspective.  Watch Video
The New Face of 007 Show Clip
The New Face of 007
The New Face of 007 James Bond is ready for an update, and Ellen has the perfect person in mind. Watch Video
Ellen's 2,000th Monologue Show Clip
Ellen's 2,000th Monologue
Ellen's 2,000th Monologue Ellen reviews some impressive statistics from all 2,000 of her shows! Watch Video
Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy Show Clip
Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy
Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy This year's holiday cup has many people's tinsel in a tangle. Luckily, Ellen has the perfect solution! Watch Video
Ellen's Posing for Playboy? Show Clip
Ellen's Posing for Playboy?
Ellen's Posing for Playboy? The magazine is making some big changes, and Ellen's ready for her closeup! Watch Video
Touchy Feely Show Clip
Touchy Feely
Touchy Feely Ellen heard about a new study on getting up close and personal, and invited her writer Jason to help demonstrate! Watch Video