Meet Ellen's Squad Show Clip
Meet Ellen's Squad
Meet Ellen's Squad Ellen introduced the members of her squad, proving that Taylor Swift has some tough competition.  Watch Video
Ellen Squashes the Kim Kardashian West Rumors Show Clip
Ellen Squashes the Kim Kardashian West Rumors
Ellen Squashes the Kim Kardashian West Rumors After Kim's recent visit, Ellen decided to set the record straight about her backstage behavior. Watch Video
'I Thought You Were My Friend' Show Clip
'I Thought You Were My Friend'
'I Thought You Were My Friend' Ellen loves going through her audience's Facebook photos! For her new segment, she had a little help from some inside sources.  Watch Video
Ellen's Selfie Safety Tips Show Clip
Ellen's Selfie Safety Tips
Ellen's Selfie Safety Tips After Ellen heard about the dangers of taking selfies, she decided to find some helpful safety tips. Watch Video
Ellen's First Musical Monologue Show Clip
Ellen's First Musical Monologue
Ellen's First Musical Monologue Never before has Ellen started her show with a musical monologue. With some help from Kristen Bell, she decided to change things up! Watch Video
ED on LOL-ing Show Clip
ED on LOL-ing
ED on LOL-ing Ellen talked about texting abbreviations and just how honest they can (and should) be. Watch Video
Lovebirds Show Clip
Lovebirds Ellen heard about a new study on falling in love. She sure was all atwitter!  Watch Video
Ellen Gets Organized Show Clip
Ellen Gets Organized
Ellen Gets Organized Ellen found a new book full of tips to help her de-clutter at home, and decided to share her favorites! Wait until you hear what you're supposed to… Watch Video
Oh, Snap! Show Clip
Oh, Snap!
Oh, Snap! Ellen loves a good selfie, but if you want to take one with her, she has a few guidelines.  Watch Video
Oh, Thank Heaven… for Delivery Show Clip
Oh, Thank Heaven… for Delivery
Oh, Thank Heaven… for Delivery Ellen told her audience about 7-Eleven's new delivery service, including what they won't bring to your door… Watch Video
#EllenInNYC Show Clip
#EllenInNYC Season 13's Premiere Week was so big, Ellen needed two cities! Check out all of the fun from 30 Rock, right here. Watch Video
Ellen's Wild Summer Show Clip
Ellen's Wild Summer
Ellen's Wild Summer In Ellen's first monologue of Season 13, she spilled all the details of her South African safari! She even brought some souvenirs for her audience,… Watch Video