Politics and Love Show Clip
Politics and Love
Politics and Love Ellen is mixing these two topics on a very special day. Watch Video
The Hottest Jobs (on Tinder) Show Clip
The Hottest Jobs (on Tinder)
The Hottest Jobs (on Tinder) Ellen found a list of the most right-swiped careers on the dating app.  Watch Video
Today's Mane Trends Show Clip
Today's Mane Trends
Today's Mane Trends Ellen checked out some of the latest hairstyle trends. From colors to cuts, there's something out there for everyone! Watch Video
The Politics of Politics Show Clip
The Politics of Politics
The Politics of Politics Ellen discussed how politics influence people, and what we should all be focusing on, regardless of your political party.  Watch Video
And... We're Live! Show Clip
And... We're Live!
And... We're Live! Anything can happen during a live performance, and Ellen knows firsthand.  Watch Video
Ellen's Oscar Movie Rundown Show Clip
Ellen's Oscar Movie Rundown
Ellen's Oscar Movie Rundown If you haven't seen this year's Oscar-nominated films, Ellen is here to help! Watch Video
Naked and Afraid (and Sorry, Nana) Show Clip
Naked and Afraid (and Sorry, Nana)
Naked and Afraid (and Sorry, Nana) Ellen took a look at some exceptionally odd episodes of reality television.  Watch Video
Ellen Found Your Facebook Photos! Show Clip
Ellen Found Your Facebook Photos!
Ellen Found Your Facebook Photos! Ellen shared her audience members' funny Facebook photos, and even had a surprise guest recreate a special moment! Watch Video
I Thought You Were My Friend: Bubble Bath Edition Show Clip
I Thought You Were My Friend: Bubble Bath Edition
I Thought You Were My Friend: Bubble Bath Edition Members of Ellen's audience found some questionable photos of their friends and family… and they're sharing them with Ellen!  Watch Video
The Benefits of Kissing Show Clip
The Benefits of Kissing
The Benefits of Kissing Ellen found out about a study that says kissing is good for your health. Pucker up!  Watch Video
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions Show Clip
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions
Ellen's Annual Oscar Predictions The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and Ellen foresees everything that'll be happening. Watch Video
Baby Boomers vs. Millennials Show Clip
Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
Baby Boomers vs. Millennials Ellen put different generations to the test with a pop culture quiz! Watch Video