The Perfect Woman Show Clip
The Perfect Woman
The Perfect Woman Ellen found some research on what men think makes the perfect woman. The results might surprise you! Watch Video
Ellen's Parenting Advice Show Clip
Ellen's Parenting Advice
Ellen's Parenting Advice Ellen answered some questions from viewers about how to raise kids. Watch Video
Ellen Learns Some Spanish Show Clip
Ellen Learns Some Spanish
Ellen Learns Some Spanish Learning a new language can be a real challenge. Ellen has a great solution. Watch Video
Ellen's Taking You to School Show Clip
Ellen's Taking You to School
Ellen's Taking You to School She had three important subjects to teach you and her audience. Watch Video
Really Bad Dates Show Clip
Really Bad Dates
Really Bad Dates Ellen talked to her audience about bad dates... and the crazy things they've done to get out of them. Watch Video
Naked Television Show Clip
Naked Television
Naked Television Ellen’s noticed a trend on TV, and she’s talking to her audience about it. Watch Video
Ellen's Got Real Estate Tips Show Clip
Ellen's Got Real Estate Tips
Ellen's Got Real Estate Tips She knows a thing or two about buying houses, and she's sharing some of her knowledge with you! Watch Video
Ellen's Got Buns Show Clip
Ellen's Got Buns
Ellen's Got Buns She's found the perfect product for the man in your life. Watch Video
It's White and Gold! Show Clip
It's White and Gold!
It's White and Gold! The actual dress might be black and blue, but Ellen has a bone to pick with anyone who thinks it is... including the dress itself. Watch Video
Ellen's Being Honest Show Clip
Ellen's Being Honest
Ellen's Being Honest True story: Ellen came clean about being honest.  Watch Video
Car and No Driver Show Clip
Car and No Driver
Car and No Driver Ellen talked about the new technology that has cars driving around cities with nobody in them.  Watch Video
Who Needs An Appendix? Show Clip
Who Needs An Appendix?
Who Needs An Appendix? Ellen's producer had his appendix removed, which caused Ellen to wonder. Watch Video