Ellen the Homework Helperer Show Clip
Ellen the Homework Helperer
Ellen the Homework Helperer She's not just a pretty face. Ellen offered to help her viewers with their homework. Here's how it went. Watch Video
'Breaking Bad' Action Figures? Show Clip
'Breaking Bad' Action Figures?
'Breaking Bad' Action Figures? Some parents are concerned about the new "Breaking Bad" toys. Ellen's not so happy either. Watch Video
Ellen's Airing in Asia! Show Clip
Ellen's Airing in Asia!
Ellen's Airing in Asia! Our host decided to welcome her new Asian viewers in her own special way. Watch Video
Red Bull Gives You Wings... Show Clip
Red Bull Gives You Wings...
Red Bull Gives You Wings... Or so their ad says. Ellen talked to a customer who didn't appreciate the slogan. Watch Video
Ellen Works from Home Show Clip
Ellen Works from Home
Ellen Works from Home A new study shows that people who work from home are more productive. Ellen put it to the test during her show. Watch Video
Throwback Thursday: That's Not How Airborne Works Show Clip
Throwback Thursday: That's Not How Airborne Works
Throwback Thursday: That's Not How Airborne Works Ellen threw back to a clip from the show in which she reenacted a story sent in by a viewer. Ellen wants to hear your stories to reenact! Send them… Watch Video
Cat Week, Day 3! Show Clip
Cat Week, Day 3!
Cat Week, Day 3! To celebrate the 3rd day of her 5th Annual Cat Week, Ellen played a special round of "Epic or Fail," with cats! Watch Video
Group Text Me Show Clip
Group Text Me
Group Text Me One of the new iPhone features is that you can leave group texts. Ellen is very excited about it. Watch Video
It's the 5th Annual Cat Week! Show Clip
It's the 5th Annual Cat Week!
It's the 5th Annual Cat Week! Ellen's bringing back her week dedicated to her feline friends, and she's got the web videos to celebrate! Watch Video
Scare Videos with Annabelle Show Clip
Scare Videos with Annabelle
Scare Videos with Annabelle Ellen showed some hilarious scare videos from the world wide web, and a few she made herself with this very scary new friend. Watch Video
tWitch Gets Waxed Show Clip
tWitch Gets Waxed
tWitch Gets Waxed It takes a lot to play a stripper in the sequel to "Magic Mike." tWitch found out exactly how much on Ellen's show. Watch Video
Ellen's Viagra Commercial Show Clip
Ellen's Viagra Commercial
Ellen's Viagra Commercial There are a lot of commercials for Viagra and Cialis that our host has noticed. And now there's a new one... hers. Watch Video