Clumsy Thumbsy and a Wine Thief Show Clip
Clumsy Thumbsy and a Wine Thief
Clumsy Thumbsy and a Wine Thief Ellen found some hilarious autocorrected texts, and put her new camera to good use. Watch Video
What Would MLK Do? Photo
What Would MLK Do?
What Would MLK Do? Nicole N. from Setauket, New York sent in this conversation she had with her brother about their mom. She meant to write, “Do whatever makes you… See Photo
Sucked on What?! Photo
Sucked on What?!
Sucked on What?! Julie H. from Pilot Mountain, North Carolina sent in this shot of a conversation she had with a friend about how bad her throat hurt. Things didn’t… See Photo
Sexual Pillows Photo
Sexual Pillows
Sexual Pillows Shannon M. from Alton, New Hampshire sent in this text message conversation with her mum. Apparently, this store has some very interesting pillows.… See Photo
Out and HORNU Photo
Out and HORNU
Out and HORNU Valerie E. from West Jordan, Utah sent in this text conversation from her daughter. When her mom read it, the students weren’t the only ones who… See Photo
Check for What?! Photo
Check for What?!
Check for What?! Payton W. from Wittenberg, Wisconsin set in this text with a cousin. We’re glad Annie was looking for TICKS. Check out more photos in Ellen’s… See Photo
Get Your Nails Done Photo
Get Your Nails Done
Get Your Nails Done Meagan F. from Lacey’s Springs, Alabama sent in this Clumsy Thumbsy of a conversation with her friend April. We hope April finally got to get her… See Photo
Dead Patient's Room Article
Dead Patient's Room
Dead Patient's Room NaDo L. from Minneapolis, Minnesota sent in this Clumsy Thumbsy! She is a nurse, and had to go to some extremes to watch her TV shows one night.… See photo
Cheap Date Article
Cheap Date
Cheap Date Lucy K. from Athens, Georgia sent in this screenshot of a text conversation with her friends. They bought some wine in a box. But autocorrect was… See photo
Gassy Asian Article
Gassy Asian
Gassy Asian Lindsay L. from Brossard, Quebec sent in this conversation she was having over text with a friend. She wanted to comment on how she would save money… See photo
Happy Birthday, Heather Article
Happy Birthday, Heather
Happy Birthday, Heather Heather P. from Portsmouth, New Hampshire sent in this birthday message to her from her grandmother. It didn't really work out... and it wasn't her… See photo
Actions Speak Louder Than Wombats Article
Actions Speak Louder Than Wombats
Actions Speak Louder Than Wombats Inara L. from Niagara Falls, Ontario sent in this clumsy thumbsy of someone in the doghouse. Looks like even autocorrect couldn't bring these two… See photo