Mama Won't Stop Saying $#*! Article
Mama Won't Stop Saying $#*!
Mama Won't Stop Saying $#*! Today Ellen featured more pearls of wisdom from her Mama -- and now Mama has her own merchandise! Read More
$#*! YOUR Mama Says Article
$#*! YOUR Mama Says
$#*! YOUR Mama Says It turns out that Ellen's Mama isn't the only one saying s#*!. Find out what some of her viewers' mamas are saying. Read More
'$#*! Mama Says' Has Everyone Laughing Article
'$#*! Mama Says' Has Everyone Laughing
'$#*! Mama Says' Has Everyone Laughing Ellen played more hilarious clips from Mama's show today. Andy loved them so much, he couldn't hold it in. Read More
Mama Keeps Going! Article
Mama Keeps Going!
Mama Keeps Going! It's the latest sensation to sweep the country! No one can stop talking about the S#*! Mama says! Today Ellen showed a few more of Mama's bits of… Read More
A Very Special Episode of Mama's Show Article
A Very Special Episode of Mama's Show
A Very Special Episode of Mama's Show Everyone has enjoyed all the S#*! Mama has said the past few days, so today Mama dedicated her show to a very special cause. Of course, she still… Read More
Mama Keeps Saying S#*! Article
Mama Keeps Saying S#*!
Mama Keeps Saying S#*! Ellen has been showing clips from her mama's new show, and today she was ready with another batch. Mama really does say some s#*!. Read More
$#*! Ellen's Mama Says Article
$#*! Ellen's Mama Says
$#*! Ellen's Mama Says Ellen took a look at some of the new shows this season, and was disappointed to hear about the comedy "$#*! My Dad Says." That's because Ellen had a… Read More