Tim McClellan Tells His Side Show Clip
Tim McClellan Tells His Side
Tim McClellan Tells His Side Tim McClellan was declared the winner of Ellen's Design Challenge, but then there was a surprising twist. He was here to tell his side of the story. Watch Video
Fallon Gets Another Surprise Show Clip
Fallon Gets Another Surprise
Fallon Gets Another Surprise Ellen had so much fun surprising Fallon at her home, she decided to bring her here and surprise her all over again. Watch Video
Ellen's Halftime Game Show Clip
Ellen's Halftime Game
Ellen's Halftime Game She challenged Ellen Pompeo to a fun game that could be big news for half of the audience. Find out what they won! Watch Video
Oh, Let's Go to Orlando! Show Clip
Oh, Let's Go to Orlando!
Oh, Let's Go to Orlando! Ellen had a new game to play with some lucky audience members! Watch Video
Meet Ellen's PAs! Show Clip
Meet Ellen's PAs!
Meet Ellen's PAs! Robbie got some fan attention after hanging out with Noah Ritter in Hawaii. Ellen decided it was high time you met the rest of the gang. Watch Video
#TheDress Show Clip
#TheDress It was the photo that gripped the world. Is it white and gold or black and blue? Ellen got to the bottom of it, meeting all the key players in this… Watch Video
Ellen at Mattress Firm Show Clip
Ellen at Mattress Firm
Ellen at Mattress Firm She made an appearance at a charity event that they were hosting at a local school, and she brought the footage back with her to prove it! Watch Video
What in the Word? Show Clip
What in the Word?
What in the Word? Ellen played a game with some of her audience members that was all about their favorite books! Watch Video
Derek and Julianne Hough Dance! Show Clip
Derek and Julianne Hough Dance!
Derek and Julianne Hough Dance! This sibling duo lit up Ellen's stage with an incredible performance! Watch Video
Cards Against Humanity! Show Clip
Cards Against Humanity!
Cards Against Humanity! Ellen asked her guests, Nicole Richie and Derek & Julianne Hough, to try out this racy game! Watch Video
Ellen's Staff Meets The Bachelor Show Clip
Ellen's Staff Meets The Bachelor
Ellen's Staff Meets The Bachelor They love the Ellen Show, but this group is also loves "The Bachelor," as they proved in unforgettable style.  Watch Video
Ellen's Design Challenge Finale! Show Clip
Ellen's Design Challenge Finale!
Ellen's Design Challenge Finale! Ellen talked about the big finale of the first season of her furniture design show on HGTV. Don't miss it, Monday at 9/8c! Watch Video