Drew Barrymore's Pasta


 1 lb Fresh Bucatini pasta (or one box fusilli)

1 lb of cherry tomatoes  

2-3 cloves of garlic



Fresh Basil

3 tablespoons of dried chives 

3 tablespoons of dried parsley

3 tablespoons of onion salt

Tablespoon of tomato paste


Over medium heat -- cook 4 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil enough to coat the pan and throw in two or three cloves of garlic. Sliced, not diced and let them brown in the oil. Lower the heat to a simmer and throw in one pound of halved cherry tomatoes. Let them sauté for five minutes then add a tablespoon of oregano, chives, parsley and onion salt. Then add a quarter cup of the fresh basil as you go along cooking.

Add black pepper to taste and simmer another five minutes. Add another two tablespoons of olive oil and a healthy tablespoon* of the Harissa paste. To that add another quarter cup of fresh basil. Cook another five minutes. Add a teaspoon of plain tomato paste and another quarter cup of fresh basil. Cook another five mins. and you're done! The pasta sauce should be quite speckled from all the herbs that have been put in. The cherry tomatoes should still have some skins intact, but the pasta should be able to be coated with a nice rich color.

*You can always add one more teaspoon of Harissa for a deeper flavor and hint more spiciness.

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