Ellen's Secret Extensions Show Clip
Ellen's Secret Extensions
Ellen's Secret Extensions She saw them on an infomercial and had to get her hands on them! Watch Video
Dwayne, Paper, Scissors Show Clip
Dwayne, Paper, Scissors
Dwayne, Paper, Scissors Ellen had her guests, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ashley Benson, play a captivating round of her new game, all while tWitch shot video live on… Watch Video
Pop-Up tWitch is Back! Show Clip
Pop-Up tWitch is Back!
Pop-Up tWitch is Back! Ellen's guest DJ couldn't be in the studio, so she settled for the next best thing.  Watch Video
Ellen and tWitch Show Clip
Ellen and tWitch
Ellen and tWitch They've both got awesome moves and like to show them off after the show. We put together some of our favorite moments. Watch Video
Julie Bowen's Feelings for tWitch Show Clip
Julie Bowen's Feelings for tWitch
Julie Bowen's Feelings for tWitch She came clean about her affinity for Ellen's DJ. Watch Video
tWitch's Valentine to Ellen Show Clip
tWitch's Valentine to Ellen
tWitch's Valentine to Ellen He and his wife, Allison Holker, put together a special dance for Valentine's Day! Watch Video
Fanny Packs Are Back! Show Clip
Fanny Packs Are Back!
Fanny Packs Are Back! Not to miss out on the trend, Ellen has a new and improved version of the fashion accessory. Watch Video
Scotch on the Rocks Show Clip
Scotch on the Rocks
Scotch on the Rocks What do you play when you've got celebrated Scotsman Ewan McGregor and two awesome rock climbers? You guessed it.  Watch Video
Epic or Fail with tWitch Show Clip
Epic or Fail with tWitch
Epic or Fail with tWitch How will these viral videos end? Vote your answer and find out! Watch Video
The Ellen Shop's Black Friday Sale Show Clip
The Ellen Shop's Black Friday Sale
The Ellen Shop's Black Friday Sale Not only does Ellen have fun new holiday items, they're going to be 30% off! Watch Video
The Penguin Shake Show Clip
The Penguin Shake
The Penguin Shake Ellen's guest DJ tWtch has created a new dance move, and he taught it to several members of the audience! Watch Video
tWitch is Magic Mike! Show Clip
tWitch is Magic Mike!
tWitch is Magic Mike! Who better for tWitch to dress up as for Halloween than the movie he's about to star in? Watch Video