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Zulma Cruz
Name Zulma Cruz
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Hobbies singing, dancing, crochet and living for my daughters
About Me I love to laugh, sing, dance, and most of all help those in need. I am currently an unemployed social worker.
Zulma Cruz
Bruno Mars, Michelle Obama and Al Gore
527 days ago

Ellen: Amazingly, I was on the internet searching for Nicki Minaj and watcing your show at the same time, when I saw this episode with Bruno. I have been in search for someone to help me with my 17 yr old daughter Zulenis Cruz wish to have Nicki Minaj as her escort to her prom. I explained how difficult these things are sometimes and she agreed to at least just meet her if possible. Zulenis suffered a great deal of emotional and mental health set backs during the age of 12-15 due to the separation of my marriage. Since then, I have worked really hard towards giving her all the support, and as a result, has excelled to a 95+ average student, attending pre-college courses. She is now graduating in June of 2013 and has a birthday coming up on 3/22/13. I really want to show her that working really hard pays off big time. Therefore, I am trying very hard to get in touch with Nicki Minaj to see even is she is willing just to meet her, as one of her biggest fans. Can you help me? Thanking you in advance-a very proud mom..Zulma Cruz