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Zigmia Isabel Bayonet-Cruz
Name Zigmia Isabel Bayonet-Cruz
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Hobbies Poetry, cooking, music, who loves entertainment live music and learning about all walks of life.
About Me You wanted to know about me... So to let you know I'm a medium who loves to help when I can and who needs but also wants my help. I take life day by day and live it to the fullest. I'm a mom of 2 teenagers my son who is 16 and my daughter who is 13 but also a 2 time published poet who enjoys a the simple things in life... A glass of wine on a Friday night or ordering our favorite dinner from OLD CHICAGO's! I'm an easy going person who enjoys dancing, writing, learning and creating my own recipes but also learning different things from all people and their walks of life! If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to ask and you just might get your answer!
Zigmia Isabel Bayonet-Cruz
Alison Sweeney, Allen Stone
568 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013 and beyond... Please know that I love you Ellen and know that I'm 1 of your biggest fans... Haven't missed a show and I'm proud that we have you on to entertain us... Even w all this drama and violence going! Thank you for bring laughter and helping the community the way you do! Keep up the great work and may God continue blessings you but always watching you and the Mrs! Hugs and kisses but hoping to 1 day meet you in the very near future! Your biggest fan from Alexandria, VA 22306