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Name zandra
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Hobbies spending time with daughter, photography, cruisin, and making jewlery
About Me Love to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax and laugh with Ellen every day.
Message from Ellen
564 days ago

Ellen Happy New Year & Congrats to your better better half on becoming a US citizen (O: Now she can pay taxes like the rest of us fools (O: I noticed you are having Kaley Cucco on your show and my daughter;Gabrielleis is absests with "The Big Bang Theory"as much with your show of corse. She has even came up with episodes where she would play Kaley's nerdy cousin on the show to her suprise and she would even have a crush on Sheldon. We know that would never happen but we were wondering if she could get a photo of her two Biggest Inspirations and autographs (Yes you and Kaley)(O: Sincerely , Best Wishes in the new year!!! We just know you are gonna win a PC!!!! You are so Giving. Zandra

Moving Letter to Santa
595 days ago

Out of the mouth of Babes :O).