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zada cruz
Name zada cruz
Location waterbury, CT
Age 51
Joined 285 days ago
Hobbies just helping young individuals and families that need a temporary place to live and help them until they could be on there own
About Me I am a mother of two beautiful sons and I am still legally married but my husband abandon us after waiting for him two years from being incarcerated. I use to be CORRECTIONAL COUNSELOR, RECREATIOMAL LEADER, WORKING AS A RESIDENTIAL WORKER WITH MENTALLY CHALLENGED INDIVIUAL IN GOUP HOMES AND NOW I AM DISABLE AND MEDICALLY ILL AND LIVE ON SOCAL SECURITY AMD A SMALL PENSION FROM THE STATE JOB THAT PAYS FOR MY MORTGAGE AND MY HOUSE NEEDS SO MUCH work and I don't know what to do and I which I could make and in-apartment or small house on my backyard cause my mother means the world to and she is also very ill ad would love to have her close to ne ad I don't know what to do nor who to turn to cause I have always been the one working and helping my family members and even teenagers that do have a place to live. Now I am the one that needs assistance and don't know where no whom to turn to. I hate asking help from anyone but my roofs, windows indoors and outdoors, basement door my bathroom is falling apart, my chimney leaks into my attic etc. I have trouble going up and down the stairs to wash clothes cause I have two total knee replacements and so may other surgeries how can u help me cause since 2008 I have been living paycheck and I also have some elderly neighbors whom I called them my grandparents and my grandma needs one of those electrical seats install so that she could sleep in her bed room it been almost two years she has been sleeping in a recyliner. I love your show and when I am not home I record your show. RESPECTFULLY, Zaida Ctuz
zada cruz
Alison Sweeney's Halloween Scare
263 days ago

I think u look beautiful with your long blonde but your but it wont be appealing to the viewers with your daily casual. Personally I THINK YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL with your short hair cause your eyes are beautiful.
the other video the woman looks all out of proportion