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Yvonne Southworth
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About Me I am a mother of two kids. Michael my oldest is a Cook Supervisor at Territorial Prison and works with prisoners in the kitchen. Savanna is married, a mother of 3 kids Emma 7, Ha'Ani 6, and Tristan 18 months old - She is a RN and living in Virginia (her husband is stationed at Ft. Lee). My husband, Mike, is a Campus Supervisor for Widefield School District 3 - works at the high school. I work at the District Attorney Office (been there for almost 16 years). We have 2 dogs - Bell and Missy.
Yvonne Southworth
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Jimmy Kimmel!
152 days ago

Laughter is the best medicine.. missed Ellen 's show due to Sochi games. Just what I needed after a bad day in hospital watch my sister have a code blue than seizure and moved to intensive care unit (she has stage 4 cancer) . So glad Ellen is back on.!!!!

Yvonne Southworth
Terry Crews' Love Scene with Portia
179 days ago

What a great guy!

Yvonne Southworth
Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked
179 days ago

OMG - Amazing at how Ellen handled that. Never know what to expect from Ashton!!!

Yvonne Southworth
Kitty Angel
220 days ago

That is too cute

Yvonne Southworth
Allison Janney, Gavin DeGraw
238 days ago

Allison Janney is amazing and so funny

Yvonne Southworth
Ellen's Cat Week Wish Comes True!
258 days ago

I watch Ellen every chance I get. She is an amazing person. Her show is wonderful. What a since of humor and compassionated. Her Videos are amazing.

Yvonne Southworth
Andy and Amy's Haunted Ship Adventure
259 days ago

so funny - watch this every time I need a good laugh. Love it