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Name Yvonne
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Hobbies DIY Home Renovations, Golden Retriever toy, chauffeur, and walking pal.
About Me Rejected Mom of 2 (boohoo .. why do kids have to grow up). Retired from my career after 30 years and since re-establishing myself closer to my grown children I am undertaking a few different employment opportunities to establish a life for myself since neither of my children have plans to bless our family (me) with children (again boohoo). So, I get up @ 5:30, start my school bus, driving 30+ children to school. Run home, pick up my puppy do a few laps, a few shopping errands or home to do inside/outside chores only to grab the big yellow bus to return the children from school to their home for the night and start all over again tomorrow. During the school break periods I cover Postal Routes for the regular Posties. Life in the fast lane isn't complete unless I've caught the Ellen show at 4:00 pm. Then it's a good day.
Exclusive! Bonus Magic Trick
570 days ago

Ellen, you make me smile daily, but your guest, Carla, made me laugh until I hurt ... like you Ellen I was laughing so hard I was crying. thought I was going to pee my pants. I have saved her No or Go Game clip so I can replay it when I'm feeling down. Thank you both. And then, you brought on the magician ... truly amazing talented young man. I hope he does well with his talent .. he truly deserves it. Thank you Ellen for another fantastic show.