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About Me I am a laid back, down to earth girl that loves to laugh and have fun. I live in small town USA and have lived here all my life. I am not nor have I ever been married. I'm an avid Ellen fan and have been since the days of the mullet. I watch The Ellen Show daily and I love her sense of humor. When I'm having a miserable day, I know all I have to do is turn on The Ellen Show and all the crap of the day just drains away. I don't drink or smoke but I don't begrudge those that do. I'm a firm believer of live and let live. I live with my mother because of her health issues. I have a few health issues myself but I won't let them define who I am. I have a firm belief that one day they will get better and I will be able to live my life to the fullest. Until that time, I'm gonna live, love and laugh!!! ;)