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yvette m. rivers
Name yvette m. rivers
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About Me Single mom of 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
yvette m. rivers
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 6!
448 days ago

All I can say is that I love you and your show. Keep up the good work and Godspeed. Oh and also tell momma I said hello.

yvette m. rivers
Quote of the Day: Be Kind
495 days ago

Will your saying come in a bumper sticker or tee shirt ? Feel better, enjoy your trip and. God bless.

yvette m. rivers
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
547 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen ! Many more Blessings and years to come ! Enjoy !!!

yvette m. rivers
Message from Ellen
557 days ago

I enjoy your show. Hope to meet you someday. Keep up the good work and God Bless

yvette m. rivers
Worried About Gifts This Season?
589 days ago

I am writing to you because I'm a single mother on social security disability and once I pay my monthly bills I don't have anything extra to do anything else. I would like to get my children ages 10 and 13 a computer to be able to assist them with their school work. They do well in school but sometimes they need to do work on the internet. So we have to try to make arrangements with neighbors or travel to a distant library. Its hard for me but my children work so hard and I feel bad because I can't afford something that would truly help them to continue to succeed in school. I pray I can get some help and thank you. Sincerly, yvette m. Rivers